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China is a very big country and weather can differ drastically depending on the region in which you are traveling. Beijing seldom sees much rain and normally stays dry and breezy. Beijing, China has four seasons - Short windy spring, long hot summer, and cool pleasant autumn and long chilly winter. Harbin is located far northeast and is subject to bitterly cold winters and hosts amazing international Ice and Snow Sculpture Festivals. Shanghai sits on the South China Sea and benefits from the moderate waterfront temperatures; however, rain is a bit more common. Spring and fall are the best times to visit: the temperatures are moderate and rainfall is scarce throughout China.


Summertime in China is best described as hot and wet. China's summer is hot and humid from June til August. The city receives occasional downpours of rainfall around 40% of the yearly precipitation throughout these months. In the hot summer months it is important to keep yourself hydrated with clean bottled water! Also make sure to bring sunscreen and reapply every 3 hours so as not to burn yourself. It is best to bring layers of clothing in case it gets chilly during some parts of the tour; if it does, you can put a layer on or take a layer off depending on the weather.


The best time to visit China is during autumn! Fall temperatures throughout the country are milder without the extreme weather during winter and summer. During fall, you can capture the colors of the leaves changing, turning bright gold transforming the sidewalk into a veritable Yellow Brick Road. Traveling during the fall allows travelers to spend a great deal of time outdoor due to the mild weather. Many attractions are also less busy and crowded as they are in the summer when schools are out.


Wintertime in China is from December to February. Temperatures typically range well below zero with bitterly cold and dry air along with occasional snow. Clothing such as down jackets, thick jeans and long johns, sweaters, hats, scarves and gloves are recommended.


Springtime in China is spectacular. It's a time where you can capture the entire landscape exploding in shades of green. Expect clear skies, cool temperatures and rainfall. By the end of March you can find the green buds on the end of trees and flowers slowly starting to bloom. In April, you can expect to see a wide variety of colors and flowers exploding in full bloom. Enjoy the beauty of nature "springing" back to life.

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