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China tours from Los Angeles

Connecting to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

If you are coming from another part of the country to connect onto Air China you should refer to the map in your departure package to get an idea of where your domestic carrier will come in. When checking bags from another U.S. city through LAX on to Air China you should use caution. Some airlines allow you to do so, however, we advise you to check your luggage to LAX and claim it there, then take it by hand to Air China in LAX terminal #2 for check-in. This way you can be 100% sure your bags have made the connection. If you choose to check your bags through LAX to China from your starting point, be certain that the baggage receipt your domestic carrier gives you has an ultimate destination of Beijing (airport code PEK or BJS). If it does not, bring this to the immediate attention of the domestic check-in agent before you leave the counter. All check-in luggage should be securely locked prior to checking it in. Any medications you may need should be taken with you in your carry-on and not checked through. China Discovery Tours can not be held responsible for baggage delay or damage that has resulted from the fault of the airlines.

** Baggage: Baggage on international flights is restricted to two check-in pieces of less than 70 pounds each with total dimension (L+W+H) not exceeding 107 inches and two reasonable sized carry-ons. Baggage on domestic flights in China is restricted to one check-in piece of less than 45 pounds.

Checking in with Air China in Los Angeles (LAX)

When arriving at LAX, please note that AIR CHINA IS IN TERMINAL #2 NOT THE INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL. Do not mistake Air China with China Airlines (China Airlines flies to Taiwan). We recommend you get to LAX approximately 2-3 hours prior to departure. You will check-in individually, not as a group. Please be sure that your check-in luggage is unlocked before checking in. You will have an opportunity to lock your bags after it has been scanned by airport security. Any medications you may need should be taken with you in your carry-on and not checked through. Your check-in luggage will have to be put through an X-ray machine located on the back wall opposite the check-in counter. Passengers with special seating requests such as aisle/window seats, bulkheads, etc. must make such requests directly to the Air China check-in agent at the time of check-in. We can not make any seating guarantees. Air China does not permit pre-departure day computerized seating requests. If you want to sit with someone in particular, be sure to check-in together. Air China is a non-smoking airline. The flight time to Beijing is normally around 12 hours non-stop. As flights leaving from LAX arrive in Beijing in the morning, feel free to rest up to begin acclimating to the time difference. The flight will include two full meals and a snack. Passengers with special meal requests such as vegetarian, diabetic, kosher, muslim, etc. should contact us with such requests at least one week prior to departure. Beverage service, including complimentary alcoholic beverages, is available throughout the duration of the flight. The flight should include three movies and assorted in-flight videos.

Arriving in Beijing (Capital Airport)

Prior to landing in Beijing, the flight attendants will pass out arrival forms and contagious disease question forms (which basically ask you if you have leprosy, the plague etc. which we hope you don't). These forms are very simple and self-explanatory. After disembarking the aircraft simply follow the line of people to the passport control section. Please be sure you are wearing your nametag. Have the forms ready along with your passport. After passing the passport control follow the signs to the baggage area. Your baggage will come up on the belt marked Air China from Los Angeles. Tour members will be responsible for identifying and transporting their baggage through customs (baggage carts are available free of charge). Travel Design USA's China Discovery Tours Beijing Guide will be waiting for tour members on the other side of customs (outside the big glass windows) with a flag and/or sign identifying them. Please check-in with them and patiently await the entire group. Once the entire group has been assembled, the group will proceed to the touring coach (a very short walk). Baggage will be accounted for and loaded on a separate truck for direct delivery to the hotel.

Arriving at the Hotel

When we arrive at the hotel in Beijing the tour guide will do the check-in for the entire group. This process takes a few minutes so please have patience. Bellboys will deliver your baggage directly to your rooms (a $1 USD tip is appreciated). The guide will explain to the group the following day's schedule and time of wake-up call, and will point out the location and times of the breakfast buffet.

Tour Directors/Guides

A licensed professional English speaking Tour Director/Guide will be on hand during the entire tour day. They are professionals that are very experienced in running group tours year round. Any questions you have about Chinese history, culture, food, lifestyles, etc. please feel free to ask your guide. They will run the show and are at your service throughout the entirety of your stay in China. In addition to the Tour Director youwill be met by various local guides along the way. The guide will explain to the group the day's schedule. Upon completion of tour segments when the guide and driver prepare to depart it would be greatly appreciated if you would show your thanks to them with a gratuity (they will take up a collection and split it amongst themselves). The normal tip is $5 USD per person per tour day.

China Domestic Flights & Returning Home

When flying domestically within China, the Tour Director/guide will handle the check-in process for the group. When returning to the U.S. each traveler will check-in individually and you must make seating preferences known to the Air China counter agent at time of check-in. You will have to pass through passport control when leaving China as well. If you are not returning with the group and have extended your stay or have added some independent segments YOU MUST RE-CONFIRM YOUR TICKET/RESERVATIONS.

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