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China Discovery Tours uses 4-5 star international luxury hotels on its tours. All hotels feature Western-style amenities, room service and many other extras to make your stay more comfortable. Bottled water is readily available and Western-style food is available at most major hotels. Our hotels are conveniently located close to major attractions in the cities we visit. Rooms are upgradeable (call for details).


Beijing Hotels Beijing
China's Capital City
Chengdu Hotels Chengdu
Home to the Panda Reserve and
China's spicy food capital
Dali Hotels Dali
Ancient Capital of the Bai Kingdom
Dunhuang Hotels Dunhuang
A famous oasis on the ancient Silk Road
Guilin Hotels Guilin
One of China's most scenic spots
Hangzhou Hotels Hangzhou
Experience the tranquil waters of West Lake
Hong Kong Hotels Hong Kong
One of Asia's most bustling cities
Jiuzhaigou Hotels Jiuzhaigou
Kunming Hotels Kunming
The "Eternally Spring" city
Lhasa, Tibet Hotels Lhasa, Tibet
The breathtaking capital of Tibet
Lijiang Hotels Lijiang
Home of the awe-inspiring Jade Dragon Mountain
Shanghai Hotels Shanghai
The city where old and new China meet
Shangri-La Hotels Shangri-La
Visit the 1st bend of the mighty Yangtze
Suzhou Hotels Suzhou
Venice of the East
Urumqi Hotels Urumqi
Most remote city from any sea in the world
Xian Hotels Xian
Home of the famous Terracotta Warriors
Zhangjiajie Hotels Zhangjiajie


Phuket Hotels Phuket


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