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China Culture Discovery - 12 Days / 11 Nights


Beijing, Datong, Pingyao, Taiyuan, Xian, Luoyang, Shaolin/Zhengzhou, Shanghai

The Classic China Discovery highlights China's history and heritage with ancient architectural masterpieces and culture-rich communities. Explore the Hanging Monastery high on Henshan Mountain and gaze at the tallest and oldest Buddhist pagoda built solely of wood. Walk through the 2,300 Stele Forest stone epitaphs and visit ancient cave-dwelling villages throughout your journey. Enjoy tasty cultural dinners, an action-packed kung fu performance, and shrines, temples, and mausoleums from dynasties long past. You will experience ancient worlds on your Classic China Discovery.

Guided China Tour

Including Intra-China flights, hotels, meals, tour guides and more

Group tour from $3,199

Tour Package Highlights

  • Explore the Hanging Monastery high on Henshan Mountain
  • Gaze at the tallest and oldest Buddhist pagoda constructed entirely out of wood
  • Witness the historic treasure houses of stone inscriptions at Luoyang's Longmen Grottoes
Beijing (2 Night)
Bird's Nest, Water Cube, Yonghegong and Beihai Park
Datong (1 Night)
Yungang Grottoes and Huayan Monastery
Pingyao (1 Night)
Hanging Monastery and Wooden Pagoda
Taiyuan (1 Night)
Risheng Chang Old Bank and Qiao Family's courtyard house
Xian (2 Nights)
Terracotta Warriors, Big Goose Pagoda, and Ancient City Wall
Luoyang (1 Night)
Longmen Grottoes and Guan Mausoleum
Shaolin/Zhengzhou (1 Night)
Shaolin Temple
Shanghai (2 Nights)
Pearl TV Tower Ride, Yu Yuan Gardens, Old Shanghai District, Bund and Pudong District

Tang Dynasty Show (Xian) and Shaolin Martial Arts School (Shaolin)
Side Excursions:
Shanghai - Harbor Cruise or Shanghai Acrobat Show
Tour Price Includes:
Domestic China Airfare, Meals, Tours, Guides and Hotels
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Cities and attractions to be visited by this China tour:


  • The Bird Nest (outside)

    The Bird Nest (outside)

    Re-live the 2008 Olympics. The Bird Nest is a remarkable place to visit if you want to remember the incredible events that took place there at the 2008 Olympics, and admire its stunning architecture.

    China Discovery Tours

  • The Water Cube (outside)

    The Water Cube (outside)

    A truly fascinating sight. Its design combines modern technology with Chinese traditional values. Popular Science magazine chose it the Best of What's New of 2006.

    China Discovery Tours

  • Yonghe Lamasery

    Yonghe Lamasery

    It is located at the northeast corner of the city, considered as the largest and most perfectly preserved lamasery in present day China.

    Built initially in 1694 during the Qing Dynasty, this building was the residence of Emperor Yongzheng when he was just a prince. However, in 1744 the Qing Dynasty formally changed the status of the dwelling to that of a lamasery, and so it became the national centre of Lama administration.

    China Discovery Tours

  • Beihai Park

    Beihai Park

    With the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park to its east, Zhong Nan Hai (Central and South Seas) to its south, Beihai (North Sea) Park is one of the oldest, largest and best-preserved ancient imperial gardens in China located in the city center. This ancient garden, with over 1,000 years' history, is not only a classic combination of the grandiosity of the northern gardens and the refinement of the southern gardens in China, but also a perfect integration of magnificent imperial palaces and solemn religious constructions.

    China Discovery Tours


  • Yungang Grottoes (Cloud Ridge Caves)

    Yungang Grottoes (Cloud Ridge Caves)

    Yungang Grottoes, one of the three major cave clusters in China, punctuate the north cliff of Wuzhou Mountain, Datong. The area was excavated along the mountain, extending 1 km (0.62 miles) from east to west, revealing 53 caves and over 51,000 stone statues.

    China Discovery Tours

  • Huayan Monastery

    Huayan Monastery

    The Huayan Monastery complex is located on Daxi Street on the south western side of Datong City, Shanxi Province. There are two separate sections to the monastery, the upper one referred to as the Grand Hall housing five large Ming Dynasty Buddhas, and the lower section referred to as the Sutra Temple containing a library of some 18,000 volumes of Buddhist writings. Built during the Liao Dynasty (907 - 1125), it is the largest and best preserved monastery of the Liao Dynasty in existence in China. It was built according to the Huayan Sutra Sect of the Huayan School and is unique in that it faces east instead of south.

    China Discovery Tours


  • Hanging Monastery

    Hanging Monastery

    Many are not aware of this fascinating location. It was listed in the "World's Top 10 Most Dangerous Architectures" by Times Magazine. This monastery is even more dangerous than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The whole structure is supported by only a few wooden beams built into a cliff surface of Hengshan Mountain.

    China Discovery Tours

  • Wooden Pagoda

    Wooden Pagoda

    The pagoda is the oldest and highest wooden structure in China. It has survived seven earthquakes. The pagoda has stood firmly after all that turbulence demonstrating its fine construction and quality. No nails or rivets were used in its construction.

    China Discovery Tours

  • The Rishengchang Draft Bank

    The Rishengchang Draft Bank

    The pagoda is the oldest and highest wooden structure in China. It has survived seven earthquakes. The pagoda has stood firmly after all that turbulence demonstrating its fine construction and quality. No nails or rivets were used in its construction.

    China Discovery Tours

  • Qiao Family courtyard house

    Qiao Family courtyard house

    is another masterpiece of traditional civil architecture in North China. You will see a lot of unique and beautiful detail put into this compound. In 1990, this ancient mansion became famous all over China and abroad thanks to the movie "Raise the Red Lantern" by director Zhang Yimou. After the film was finished, many red lanterns were left behind by the production team. Since then, red lanterns have become the most important decoration in the Qiao Family Grand Courtyard and in other jin shang (Shanxi Merchants) courtyards.

    China Discovery Tours


  • Terracotta Warriors

    Terracotta Warriors

    The most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century. Over 7,000 soldiers, horses, chariots, and even weapons have been unearthed from these excavation pits. It is possible that there are still thousands of these warriors that are still buried in pits that have yet to be discovered.

    China Discovery Tours

  • Big Goose Pagoda

    Big Goose Pagoda

    Built during the Tang Dynasty and renovated during the Ming Dynasty, this pagoda is one of the most well-preserved Buddhist pagodas in all of China. It is one of Xian's main landmarks. The Pagoda holds many ancient Buddhist artifacts such as sutras and figurines of the Buddha that were brought to China from India.

    China Discovery Tours

  • Ancient Xian City Wall

    Ancient Xian City Wall

    The Ming Dynasty is responsible for building what is known as China's most complete surviving city wall. It is one of the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world. The city wall includes four gates and they are respectively named as Changle (meaning eternal joy) in the east, Anding (harmony peace) in the west, Yongning (eternal peace) in the south and Anyuan (forever harmony) in the north.

    China Discovery Tours


  • Longmen Grottoes

    Longmen Grottoes

    The grottoes and niches of Longmen contain the largest and most impressive collection of Chinese art of the late Northern Wei and Tang Dynasties. The works are entirely devoted to the Buddhist religion, and represent the best in Chinese stone carving.

    China Discovery Tours

  • Guanlin Temple (General Guan's Tomb)

    Guanlin Temple (General Guan's Tomb)

    is the place where Guan Yu's head was buried. General Guan Yu is a hero in Chinese history and is the only person respected by Confucians, Buddhists and Taoists. The temple embodies the traditional style of Chinese architecture - designed and build symmetrically.

    China Discovery Tours


  • Shaolin Temple

    Shaolin Temple

    Shaolin Temple - Located in Dengfeng City, it is reputed to be the "Number One Temple under Heaven". In 2010, it was included on UNESCO's World Cultural & Natural Heritage List. The temple is the cradle of the Chinese Zen Buddhism and the Shaolin Martial Arts.

    China Discovery Tours

Shanghai City

  • Pearl TV Tower Ride

    Pearl TV Tower Ride

    The tower is 4698 meters high (almost 3 miles) and is the world's third tallest TV and radio tower. Travel up and down the tower in double-decker elevators that can hold up to 50 people at the rate of seven meters (almost 23 feet) per second. From the top on a clear day, you can see all the way to the Yangtze River.

    China Discovery Tours

  • Yu Yuan Gardens

    Yu Yuan Gardens

    Built during the Ming Dynasty, the Yuyuan Garden is the most famous classical garden in Shanghai. The gardens are exquisitely arranged and feature the gardening styles of South China during Ming and Qing Dynasties. Yu Yuan (meaning "Garden of Peace and Comfort", is a maze of Ming dynasty pavilions, elaborate rockeries, arched bridges and goldfish ponds, all encircled by an undulating dragon wall.

    China Discovery Tours

  • Old Shanghai District
    (Puxi - Western Town)

    Old Shanghai District
    (Puxi - Western Town)

    Step back in time.....visit the Huxinting Teahouse built on stilts amid a garden lake in 1784. This is the historic Chinese area of the city, where much of the old wooden architecture of ancient Shanghai is still preserved. The old district is a combination of ancient winding streets, with some modern high-rise buildings.

    China Discovery Tours

  • Bund and Pudong District
    (New Shanghai)

    Bund and Pudong District
    (New Shanghai)

    Is the symbol of modern Shanghai This colonial riverside of old Shanghai has dozens of historic buildings lining the Huangpu River. 52 high rises of all styles in the West showcase the art of world architecture and the history of contemporary Shanghai.

    China Discovery Tours

2014 Tour Packages

Trip Summary

  • Day 1 Beijing
  • Day 2 Beijing (AB, L, SD)
  • Day 3 Beijing-Datong (AB, L, D)
  • Day 4 Datong-Pingyao (AB, L, D)
  • Day 5 Pingyao-Taiyuan (AB, L, D)
  • Day 6 Taiyuan-Xian (AB, L, D)
  • Day 7 Xian (AB, L, D)
  • Day 8 Xian-Luoyang (AB, L, SD)
  • Day 9 Luoyang-Shaolin-Zhengzhou (AB, L, D)
  • Day 10 Zhengzhou-Shanghai (AB, L)
  • Day 11 Shanghai (AB)
  • Day 12 Shanghai (AB)
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