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Historic Tour

Silk Road Discovery - 14 Days / 11 Nights


Urumqi, Turpan, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Xian, Shanghai

The Silk Road Discovery retraces footsteps of caravans and merchants who linked the East and West along this ancient trade route. Discover the ruins of Jiahoe City and Gaocheng City near Turpan and immerse yourself in the unique culture, song, and dance of the Uygur minority in Urumqi. Study the ancient Magao Grotto paintings sketched by monks, merchants, and nobles from eras and dynasties long passed, and visit the Xian excavation site containing the treasured Terracotta Warriors. You will also enjoy modern-day China attractions on this journey that takes you through Shanghai. Experience ancient and modern civilizations along your Silk Road Discovery.

Guided China Tour

Including flights, hotels, meals, tour guides and more

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Tour Package Highlights

  • Retrace the steps of caravans and merchant of the past who linked the East and the West on this ancient trade route
  • Visit Urumqi, considered to be the most inland major city in the world; the farthest from any ocean
  • Experience the historic city of Dunhuang, the hub of middle and eastern silk routes of ancient times
Urumqi (2 Nights):
Heavenly Lake and Great Bazaar
Turpan (1 Night):
Gaocheng City Ruins, Karez Well and Sugong Pagoda
Train (1 Night):
An overnight train
Dunhuang (2 Nights):
Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Moon Spring and Humming Sandy Mountain
Jiayuguan (1 Night):
Jiayiguan Fort
Xian (2 Nights):
Terracotta Warriors, Big Goose Pagoda and Ancient City Wall
Shanghai (2 Nights):
Pearl TV Tower Ride, Yu Yuan Gardens, Old Shanghai District and The Bund

Kung Fu Show (Beijing) and Uygur Show (Urumqi)
Side Excursions:
Shanghai - Harbor Cruise or Shanghai - Era Show, Camel Ride
Tour Price Includes:
INTERNATIONAL & Domestic China Airfare, Meals, Tours, Guides and Hotels
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Cities and attractions to be visited by this China tour:


  • Heavenly Lake

    Heavenly Lake

    covering approximately 1.89 square miles, this crescent-shaped lake is like a green pearl inlayed into the northern side of the Heavenly Mountain. The water of the lake comes from the melted snow of the surrounding mountains.

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  • Urumqi Grand Bazaar

    Urumqi Grand Bazaar

    is a place to get and look at regional products. As a market, the bazaar offers a large variety of commodities including souvenirs. Visitors can also enjoy local performances in the banqueting hall.

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  • Gaochang City Ruins

    Gaochang City Ruins

    In the desolate Gobi Desert, stand the ruins of the ancient city of Gaochang. It shines like a precious stone inlaid in the barren dessert and shining on the Silk Road. As one of the key points along the Silk Road, Gaochang was also a sanctuary of world religious culture.

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  • Karez Well System

    Karez Well System

    As an ancient irrigation system, the Karez well system played a very important role in the daily life of the people in the Turpan area. In the oasis of Turpan, Karez wells nourish the crops, nuture the people in this oasis and provide water sources for the passing merchants who are traveling through the great desert.

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  • Sugong Pagoda

    Sugong Pagoda

    also known as the "Imin Minaret" and the "Turpan Pagoda", was completed in 1778. It is the largest ancient Islamic tower in Xinjian Province and is the only Islamic tower among the hundreds of famous towers in China.

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  • Mogao Grottoes

    Mogao Grottoes

    also known as the Thousand Buddha Cave, is one of the three noted grottoes in China and also the largest, best preserved and richest treasure house of Buddhist art in the world. The grottoes are located on the east foot of the Mingsha Hill.

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  • Crescent Moon Spring

    Crescent Moon Spring

    is surrounded by the Mingsha Mountain. The spring water tastes fresh and sweet, and the color is light blue. The spring's crescent moon shape gives it its name, and the pool is able to withstand the extreme dryness of the Gobi, refusing to dry up.

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  • Humming Sandy Mountain

    Humming Sandy Mountain

    When you reach the top of the Humming Sandy Mountain, you may be fascinated by an interesting practice as slipping downhill which can induce a thunder of the sand. This indicates the Chinese word "Mingsha". When the sand is fine and the wind rests, the sand may sound like the orchestral music.

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  • Jiayiguan Fort (Jiayu Pass)

    Jiayiguan Fort (Jiayu Pass)

    The building of the Jiayuguan Fort dates back to the Ming Dynasty, and to this day, the Jiayuguan Fort is still a well-preserved symbol of a rich history.

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  • Terracotta Warriors

    Terracotta Warriors

    The most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century. Over 7,000 soldiers, horses, chariots, and even weapons have been unearthed from these excavation pits. It is possible that there are still thousands of these warriors that are still buried in pits that have yet to be discovered.

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  • Big Goose Pagoda

    Big Goose Pagoda

    Built during the Tang Dynasty and renovated during the Ming Dynasty, this pagoda is one of the most well-preserved Buddhist pagodas in all of China. It is one of Xian's main landmarks. The Pagoda holds many ancient Buddhist artifacts such as sutras and figurines of the Buddha that were brought to China from India.

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  • Ancient Xian City Wall

    Ancient Xian City Wall

    The Ming Dynasty is responsible for building what is known as China's most complete surviving city wall. It is one of the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world. The city wall includes four gates and they are respectively named as Changle (meaning eternal joy) in the east, Anding (harmony peace) in the west, Yongning (eternal peace) in the south and Anyuan (forever harmony) in the north.

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Shanghai City

  • Pearl TV Tower Ride

    Pearl TV Tower Ride

    The tower is 4698 meters high (almost 3 miles) and is the world's third tallest TV and radio tower. Travel up and down the tower in double-decker elevators that can hold up to 50 people at the rate of seven meters (almost 23 feet) per second. From the top on a clear day, you can see all the way to the Yangtze River.

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  • Yu Yuan Gardens

    Yu Yuan Gardens

    Built during the Ming Dynasty, the Yuyuan Garden is the most famous classical garden in Shanghai. The gardens are exquisitely arranged and feature the gardening styles of South China during Ming and Qing Dynasties. Yu Yuan (meaning "Garden of Peace and Comfort", is a maze of Ming dynasty pavilions, elaborate rockeries, arched bridges and goldfish ponds, all encircled by an undulating dragon wall.

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  • Old Shanghai District
    (Puxi - Western Town)

    Old Shanghai District
    (Puxi - Western Town)

    Step back in time.....visit the Huxinting Teahouse built on stilts amid a garden lake in 1784. This is the historic Chinese area of the city, where much of the old wooden architecture of ancient Shanghai is still preserved. The old district is a combination of ancient winding streets, with some modern high-rise buildings.

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  • Bund and Pudong District
    (New Shanghai)

    Bund and Pudong District
    (New Shanghai)

    Is the symbol of modern Shanghai This colonial riverside of old Shanghai has dozens of historic buildings lining the Huangpu River. 52 high rises of all styles in the West showcase the art of world architecture and the history of contemporary Shanghai.

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